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"I feel Great! Every little step I complete on Vest gives me a calmness regarding Scott and his needs."
—Kathy B.

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Vestidd is an online Organizer and Sharing tool created just for parents who have a child with special needs. Vestidd is your single place for all of your child's vital information, accessible anywhere, from any device. Vestidd gives you Superpowers to:

  • Easily organize life with special needs
  • Save time & do less special needs work
  • Safely share information with key people
  • Leave a lasting plan for your child's well-being
  • Create more time for who and what you love!



  • A ready-to-go system for organizing & navigating life with special needs
  • A Personal Vestidd Coach to help get you started
  • Unlimited Uploads of files & photos
  • Unlimited Sharing with key people
  • Works from any web device, anywhere (phone, pc, mac, tablet)
  • HTTPS & added secure technology


Here's how we do it, in the Cloud:

Easily organize

Easily organize

everything you need in a single place.

Vestidd saves you tons of time.  We've already organized your life with special needs, so you don't have to. As soon as you open your Vest, you'll be on familiar ground. Team members, health info, reports, IEPs, daily routines, behavior alerts, strengths, abilities  -  it's all right there.  Your life with special needs is intuitively organized into familiar Sections, with pre-labeled Pockets to hold your child's unique information. Vestidd is so easy to use, you won't even feel like you've left your mind. You'll be saving time and avoiding headaches as soon as you start. To make things even easier, you'll have your own personal Vestidd Coach to help customize your Vest, show you some cool tips, and cheer you on. As parents of children with special needs, our Coaches are excited to meet you and share the awesome benefits of being Vestidd.

Simply add your child's information. You're already organized.

Keep everything

neatly organized, in one place, at your fingertips.

Save even more time.   Your record keeping job just got a whole lot easier. The information that used to be spread across your house and your brain will now have a single home. Names, addresses, phone numbers, locations, records, tests, psych reports, IEPs - Vestidd has a place for everything.  Simply enter info and upload files, and it's all neatly stored in your Vest. Go crazy on that stack of binders with the power of unlimited file uploads and massive cloud storage. With your Vestidd record keeping system in place, you can easily stay on top of the paperwork tsunami as new files, reports, and records stream in. Stop worrying about where you filed that report, because now you'll never lose a thing.  With Vestidd, you can keep your records forever, if you wish.    And  free up some shelf space, too.

Give those binders the old heave-ho.

Keep everything
Find anything

Find anything

exactly when you need it, anywhere you happen to be.

Reduce stress, and yes, save more time.   Because Vestidd does its job in the Cloud, you now have the power to instantly access your Vest information, from any device. This means that your child's vital information is now always just a click away. Emergency contacts, health care info, team members, locations, reports, IEPs, everything is now in a single place, updated and current, available at your click. Vestidd works from any web-connected device, which means that your child's key information is at your fingertips, anywhere you happen to be.  Cut yourself loose from the paperwork data burden. Now, you can leave home without it.

Enjoy the comfort of always being connected.

Be prepared

with an awesome tech tool at your side.

You're more prepared than you think.  When it comes to special needs meetings, parents have largely been left to post-it notes, hi-liters, scissors and binders as their primary preparation tools. Vestidd has changed all that. Now you have the power to keep files, records, meeting notes, and checklists all in a single place, neatly organized and waiting to serve you. With Vestidd, it's quick and easy to find what you need, when you need it. Just click open your Vest, and the whole story is right there at your fingertips - even in the middle of that critical IEP meeting. If you have a child in school, you'll be especially excited to see how Vestidd's IEP Aide gives you the power to level the IEP playing field. No more staying up late preparing, and then lugging in that stack of binders to meetings. Let Vestidd shorten your prep time and lighten your load. 

Relish the power of showing up at meetings feeling fresh and in control, with all of your child's records at your fingertips.

Be prepared
Connect anyone

Connect anyone

with the info they need to help your child and you.

Grab some me-time.  You've seen it so many times before: "Please complete this form with all of your child's information." Now, instead of spending time completing forms, Vestidd lets you easily share your child's information and personal story with the people who need to know. With just one click, you can grant secure sharing permissions to caregivers, doctors, teachers, anyone you choose. Let them see only what they need to know to do their jobs. Then, revoke access at any time. Or, print out Vest information and  jot down "see attached" with a smile. Less time completing soulless forms means more quality time helping others get to know your child as a person. And more time for you, too. 

Savor an iced chai-tea on the way instead of arriving early to fill in forms.

Worry less

about what will happen to your child in the future.

Lift a huge weight.  It's the 3am question that weighs heavily on every parent's mind: What will happen to my child after I'm gone? Worrying about your child’s future can drain your spirit and rob you from the joys of being a parent, special needs or not. Vestidd helps calm that storm of worries by giving you the power to share your child's Vest with future caregivers. With Vestidd,everything and everyone that matters for your child's well-being remains secure and permanent, up in the Cloud. Like a protective shield hovering in the sky, your child's Vest will continue to help others help your child, long after you are gone. Now they will know what to do. 

It's going to be O.K.

Worry less
Take control

Take control

with a lever long enough.

Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes believed he would have the power to move the world by himself if only he had a lever long enough. Vestidd gives you the tools to actually do it. You now have the power to successfully navigate life with special needs. Save time. Worry less. Take control. Move the world!


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